Todoist - The Only Task Managing App You Need

Todoist is a task manager application that lets you create tasks, subtasks, add comments and set reminders. The application is offered by Doist and is available for free in the Google Play Store with In-app purchases.

Todoist Android App

Creating a task can be as simple as writing the task to a more complex and detailed creation like setting the date and time, priority, project type. If you're a pro user you can set labels, reminders and add comments.

Swipe right if you're done with the task or swipe left if you want to snooze it. The interesting feature that I liked is the way the app turns the text into date and time. If you type text like "tomorrow" or "every day at 7", the app converts the text into date and time.

You can turn the task into a subtask if the task is a continuation of a previous task. You can create projects and sub-projects, Collaborate on shared tasks and get notified via notification, email or as an SMS if changes were made.

Set up daily goals and weekly goals to start tracking your Karma. With Karma, you can track on how many tasks you completed over the weeks. There is a vacation mode which becomes helpful when you want to take a break and when activated you won't loose any points (Karma).

The premium version costs around Rs. 1,800 for 1 year and comes with features like support for 15 platforms, automatic backups, custom filters, location-based reminders, task search, add emails as task and more.

Great Day Readers! To give us more insights into the application, Amir Salihefendic responded with the answers. Amir Salihefendic is the Todoist's founder and CEO and the interview was made possible with the help of Brenna Loury, Head of Marketing. Here are the Q&A exclusive for our readers.

1. Tell us about the team?

Doist is made up of 45 people from over 25 different countries. We are a completely remote company– people can work from wherever they please. We have people in countries that range from Peru to Poland to Pakistan and many places in between. We do have a small office in Porto, Portugal where about seven people work from (though they are from different teams including design, engineering, marketing, iOS and Android). You can see more about our team here:

2. What was your inspiration that leads to the creation of Todoist?

Todoist was actually a tool I made for myself. In 2007, when I started Todoist, I was still a student, studying computer science in Aarhus (Denmark) and I had two programming jobs on the side. I had a lot of projects going on and I needed to effectively manage my work and my productivity. I looked at the market and most of the solutions were bad, so I decided to create my own tool. So I started building what would become Todoist to keep track of everything. I didn’t see this as a startup and I didn’t have great ambitions.

For the first 4 years, Todoist was really a side project for me. I only worked on it at nights and on weekends. Over the years, I began sharing it with friends and family who loved it. I started to see the value a really good task management system could have for people and teams looking to streamline their workflow and get more done.

3. What was the biggest challenge faced while developing Todoist?

I think the biggest challenge was seeing the true potential of Todoist. Only in 2011 could I truly see the potential, 4 years after I started the service.

Paul Graham (the founder of Y Combinator) famously writes that the best ideas look initially like bad ideas. And I think Todoist fits this description perfectly and probably the reason why it wasn’t done before.

I overcame this by not giving up. I just kept using Todoist and kept working on it. Eventually, it grew as shown by this graph:

4. What features can be expected in the upcoming updates?

We are working very hard on improving Todoist Business, so we will release a handful of important updates to that software throughout the year. We recently made huge updates to our Android and  iOS apps and released the official version of Todoist for Windows 10. So far it’s been a busy year but we still have a lot left on our plate (for example, releasing a new version of our Android Wear app).

5. Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

I know a lot of smart people and their biggest mistake is that they are only good at one thing. As a founder, you should be good at a lot of things, including development, design, product, marketing, business, team building, leadership etc. Being good at multiple things makes you much more valuable and you can make much better choices (for example, when hiring other people).

I think one of the most important things in life and especially in business is evolving and learning. When you start a company you are just yourself or just a few people and you face the enormous challenge of building a minimal product that people want. After you have some success, you add more people and things become more complex. After more success, you have teams, multiple products and maybe even entire departments you need to manage. Every step has new challenges and requires new skills.

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