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Blip Blip Plays Hourly Sounds Similar To Watches

If you're someone who likes the hourly sounds that are made by watches or wall clocks every hour then you might show interest in an app like the Blip Blip. This app brings the hourly chimes feature to Android. The app is build by PaweĊ‚ Nadolski and is available for free in the Google Play Store with no In-app purchases. Blip Blip app has a simple UI and it notifies you every hour with a sound. Currently, the notification sounds have 6 variations and its creator mentioned there is more to come. In addition to the sound, you can also enable vibration. You can turn the app on off from its main screen. Once on, the notification repeats every hour or you can set for shorter times. You can check the upcoming notification times for almost a week and if you don't want the app to notify you in the night or any other specific time then you can set the silent time in settings. In addition to that, you can also add silent days. You can light up the screen during notification