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Paralign - Share Thoughts Anonymously

Paralign is a social app that lets you share your thoughts anonymously and connects with like-minded thoughts. The application is offered by Paralign and is available for free with In-app purchases in the Google Play Store.

Sharing thoughts are simple just type what's on your mind, select your mood and the intensity of it. Continue sharing your thoughts anonymously and the app finds Similar Minds. Keep track of your thoughts in the My Mind section and your comments in the Connections.

Companion helps you relax when stressed out. Find others thoughts in the Wondering Minds sections. Comment anonymously or Swipe the cards once you are done with them.

Great day Reader. To get more insights into the application and its development, I've contacted Pouria Mojabi, Founder & CEO of Paralign. Here are the Q&A solely for our readers.

1. Tell us about the team?
I started working on the data science, AI, and language processing side of it few years ago and built the backend. I ran…

Launchify - Smart App Shortcuts On Your Lock Screen & Notification Bar

Launchify provides quick access to your apps dynamically in the notification bar and on the lock screen. This application is provided by Emberify and is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Launchify recommends apps based on the place, time and driving. In addition to that, you can add Custom apps and custom contacts.
Currently, the app shows one layer of shortcuts in the notification bar and on the lock screen. If the user wants to add another layer of apps or add a custom layer for contacts, then you have to upgrade to a premier version. The upgrade costs Rs.100.
Get it on Google Play I've made a contact with the founder few days back but still looking forward to the interview. Once I receive it, I'll update the post. Follow me on Twitter and you'll get notified.

PiJump - A Tapping Game Where It's All About Timing

PiJump (Pixel Jump) is a tapping game where you fly higher with every tap. The game is developed by Mayr Technologies and is available for free in the Google Play Store.

PiJump is simple to play. The ball starts at the bottom and with every tap it jumps higher. But, be careful while jumping. The bars will be blocking your way and gravity will be pulling down. Time it wrong you will hit the bar or wait too long gravity will end your game.
The ads can be removed by paying Rs. 37.06.

Great day Readers! To get more insights into the game and its development, I've contacted the Christoph Mayr, CEO of Mayr Technologies. Here are the Q&A solely for our readers.

1. Tell us about the team?
I founded Mayr Technologies together with my brother in 2014. I developed the apps/games and he designed them. We spent most of the first years by making apps for companies. Nowadays we are a four member team and focus on develop our own games, like PiJump. But PiJump is only one of a whole bunch of …

Chromer - A Custom In-app Browser for Your Apps

Have you ever clicked a link in your application that opened an in-app browser showing you a login screen or a form to fill? Were these details already saved in your Chrome? Did you felt like it is a time-consuming and irritating experience to enter these details again and again in every app? Well, I did and many others like me.

Google came up with a solution, called it Chrome custom tabs. The only prevailing issue is that not all applications implemented this feature and you might be still facing the above issue in your application. Chromer overcomes this issue.

Chromer is a light-weight custom in-app browser for all your apps and implements Chrome custom tabs. The application is designed by Arun Kumar and is available for free in the Google Play Store.
Set Chromer as your default browser and now all the apps are forced to ditch their in-app browser in favor of using Chrome custom tabs.

If you are already logged into a website on Chrome, you don't have to log in again. The forms…

Open Links With Your Favorite App

Have you ever tried to open a link and instead of opening your favorite application your device opens the web page?
Sometimes when I try to open a YouTube video, the system opens the chrome browser and not the YouTube app. Honestly, it is little irritating and the traditional way to do is either watch the video in the browser or search for the video in the application.
Open Link With app solves the issue and this application is provided by Said Tahsin Dane. The project is open source and the source code is available in the GitHub under the Apache License.
If you're stuck in the browser, share the web page with Open With and it shows the list of apps to open with. Choose your favorite application to open the web page Once or Always. Use this application and Never get frustrated or force yourself to stick to the web page.

Great day Readers, To get more insights into the application and its development, I've contacted the developer Said Tahsin Dane. Here are the Q&A solely f…

Filter Apps from Games in the Play Store Top Charts

Apps - Play Store Link is a lightweight application that lets users see the top charts apps without interference from the games. The app is provided by Happening Studios and is available for Free in the Google Play Store.
Apps - Play Store Link takes use of a hidden link in the Play Store to display the apps in the Top Charts.
This is a very helpful application for those who are interested in seeing only apps in the apps Top charts and don't like to scroll through endless games. I don't understand why Google shows games in the apps section even though it has dedicated a section for games.

You can see the image below where the Play Store Apps Top Chart is overpopulated with games and the Apps - Play Store Link show just the apps.

Erudite - A Bilingual Language Learning Dictionary

Erudite is a simple bilingual language learning application with Phrasebook and Flashcards. This application is provided by Erudite and it is available for free in the Google play Store.
Erudite users can learn a new word every day as the Word of the day is shown on the application home screen and in the widget. Phrasebook and Flashcards can easily help the users learn the basic words in the interested language. This is an amazing feature that I like and I have used these two features to learn many German words.

Custom flash cards can be created but after entering the first word, the app doesn't automatically translate it into another language. So basically, the user has to know the word in both languages to create a flash card.

Once a word is searched, it's Definitions, Grammar, Examples, Synonyms, Antonyms are shown but not for all the words. For example, the words Contribute, implement have no Antonyms and the word accoutrement, ambivalence doesn't have examples. A quick…

Can You Shoot CLOCKS

CLOCKS is a Tap to shoot android game available in the Google Play Store. This game is developed by Reddyset and published by Noodlecake Studios.
Whenever I think of Clocks they reminded me of time but that has changed after playing the game.
This game is simple. Just use the clocks hand to shoot other clocks. The clocks hand keeps rotating, so time the shots. There are 100 quest levels and a Survival mode for the users to play.
Gain stars by completing a quest level within the time limit and gain 100 stars to get a total of 20,000 XP.
CLOCKS game has ads and can be removed by paying Rs. 46.38.

Great day Readers, To get more insights about the game and its development, I've contacted Matt Capucilli. Matt Capucilli is the Founder and Producer at Reddyset. Here are the Q&A solely for our readers.

1. Can you tell us about the team that developed this game?
The initial version of the game (called 'Clock Blocks') was developed by myself (Matt Capucilli) in 2010. After severa…