PiJump - A Tapping Game Where It's All About Timing

PiJump (Pixel Jump) is a tapping game where you fly higher with every tap. The game is developed by Mayr Technologies and is available for free in the Google Play Store.

PiJump is simple to play. The ball starts at the bottom and with every tap it jumps higher. But, be careful while jumping. The bars will be blocking your way and gravity will be pulling down. Time it wrong you will hit the bar or wait too long gravity will end your game.
PiJump Game Three Screenshots Combined
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Great day Readers! To get more insights into the game and its development, I've contacted the Christoph Mayr, CEO of Mayr Technologies. Here are the Q&A solely for our readers.

1. Tell us about the team?
I founded Mayr Technologies together with my brother in 2014. I developed the apps/games and he designed them. We spent most of the first years by making apps for companies. Nowadays we are a four member team and focus on develop our own games, like PiJump. But PiJump is only one of a whole bunch of games, which will be published soon.

2. What was your inspiration that leads to the creation of this game?
To be honest, it was a coincidence that lead to the game. Since we mostly developed apps over the last years, I had to start learning game development first. So I read a lot of books to learn it and one of that books, not sure which one, had a tutorial how to move a pixel around the screen. I played around a bit on that base and eventually led to PiJump.

3. What was the biggest challenge faced while developing the game?
I think the biggest problem while developing the game, was adjusting the concept. We had to test a lot of different bar velocities, sizes of the bar gaps and the velocity of the ball on its own. As a result, it was a long way until we were sure to keep that game on this degree of difficulty.

4. What features can be expected in the upcoming updates?
There will come a bunch of updates, that is sure, but which features we will ad is not sure at the moment.
(This blog post is sponsored by Mayr Technologies.)

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