Paralign - Share Thoughts Anonymously

Paralign is a social app that lets you share your thoughts anonymously and connects with like-minded thoughts. The application is offered by Paralign and is available for free with In-app purchases in the Google Play Store.

Sharing thoughts are simple just type what's on your mind, select your mood and the intensity of it. Continue sharing your thoughts anonymously and the app finds Similar Minds. Keep track of your thoughts in the My Mind section and your comments in the Connections.

Companion helps you relax when stressed out. Find others thoughts in the Wondering Minds sections. Comment anonymously or Swipe the cards once you are done with them.

Paralign Screenshots

Great day Reader. To get more insights into the application and its development, I've contacted Pouria Mojabi, Founder & CEO of Paralign. Here are the Q&A solely for our readers.

1. Tell us about the team?
I started working on the data science, AI, and language processing side of it few years ago and built the backend. I ran the idea by Max and he helped me with the mobile app development part of it.

2. What was your inspiration that leads to the creation of Paralign?
The app was inspired by my own journey and how I started to improve my life, one thought at a time. I think social media as is while empowering us to connect to each other, is not helping us live happier. Following and liking others doesn't help you get to know yourself better and you tend to filter yourself just to feel accepted. So we created a platform that is all about you and your unfiltered expression.

3. What was the biggest challenge faced while developing the Paralign?
Optimization is a big challenge. We are still spending a lot of time improving the speed and the memory. Smoother transitions and faster chat. By the time you press the app button to the time it is fully loaded is really troubling us and it takes long. That has been a major challenge for us. We also deal with large volumes of data so scaling is something we think about every day.

Another big challenge is dealing with iOS review time and not being able to push bug fixes fast enough.

4. What features can be expected in the upcoming updates?
We will have a faster chat. Better notifications and a lot of UX/UI improvements

5. Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?
Thanks for checking Paralign out. A lot of hard work has gone into it and it has taken us a couple of years to get to where it is now. I worked more than 2 jobs every day to make money for building this. I deeply care about users and I hope they see that. Everything else will align.

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