Erudite - A Bilingual Language Learning Dictionary

Erudite is a simple bilingual language learning application with Phrasebook and Flashcards. This application is provided by Erudite and it is available for free in the Google play Store.

Erudite dictionary appErudite users can learn a new word every day as the Word of the day is shown on the application home screen and in the widget. Phrasebook and Flashcards can easily help the users learn the basic words in the interested language. This is an amazing feature that I like and I have used these two features to learn many German words.

Custom flash cards can be created but after entering the first word, the app doesn't automatically translate it into another language. So basically, the user has to know the word in both languages to create a flash card.

Once a word is searched, it's Definitions, Grammar, Examples, Synonyms, Antonyms are shown but not for all the words. For example, the words Contribute, implement have no Antonyms and the word accoutrement, ambivalence doesn't have examples. A quick search can be performed from the home screen if enabled in the settings. The searched words can be accessed later in the History.

Use the bookmark feature to save important definitions, Flashcards and phrases in the Phrasebook for quick access. Bookmarks and history change for different language pairs. If a word is bookmarked or saved in history, then they can only view when the same dictionary pair is selected. This is wonderful and reduces clutter.

The Erudite dictionary helps you learn 16 languages which include English, German. French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Chinese. Japanese. Korean, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic. Hebrew.

The Word of the day gets deleted if the users change the dictionary. The developer has mentioned this when making changes but the bookmarks and history stay when the user return to a previous dictionary. If the users are going to learn multiple languages simultaneously using the application, then they have to sacrifice the Word of the day otherwise bookmark them every day.

Downloading dictionaries block the UI and the progress bar doesn't correctly update on how much file size is downloaded. When downloading, application not responding dialog appeared. The developer could, at least, perform the downloading in the background and let the users use the app.

I think the app doesn't show third party ads like others available in the Play Store but shows affiliate ads. It's little hard to differentiate these at the start since they look like they are part of the app. I have accidentally clicked on them multiple times and it opened the webpage inside the app. These ads can be removed by paying Rs. 250.

The Erudite dictionary is pretty good for beginners and the developer could make few changes to make it perfect.

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