Pulsar Music Player Application Overview

Pulsar Music Player is a lightweight full featured music player currently available only for Android devices. This application is provided by Rythm Software.

Pulsar Music Player Application Navigation DrawerPulsar Music Player has very good user interface and animations. You can browse all the available songs or view them by albums, artists, folders, genres. You can exclude selected folders from appearing.

Playlist section of the application displays favorites, most played, recently played and newly added songs along with the user’s custom playlists.

Even when you kill the application to free the RAM, music doesn't turn off and continues to play. This, in particular, is an annoying thing to me when it comes to music players where they stop the music. This application doesn't and I'm really happy about it.

You can set the currently playing song as an alarm, notification or a ringtone. You need to play the song first otherwise you can't set it as an alarm, notification or a ringtone. I hope they change that.

The application has sleep timer feature which can be used to turn off the music after specific time. It has Chromecast support and Built-in tag editor to edit the albums or songs details.

Pulsar Music Player downloads the missing artwork for albums and artists automatically. Although this is an option in settings and you can turn it off if you don't like it. In addition to that, it displays the artwork on the lock screen and has gapless playback option.

There are three themes that are available in the free version. To get more themes, one has to upgrade to pro version. The pro-version also includes 5 band equalizer and audio effects like reverb, base boost which costs around $2.99 (₹199).

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