Cloud VPN Application Overview

Cloud VPN is a VPN application provided by Bypass Net.

Cloud VPN is completely free for the users with no trail period or upgrades to a pro version. Most of the VPN applications or services have limitations on bandwidth for free users and this one has no limitations.

Cloud VPN Application Select Server ScreenThe user interface is simple with a single button to connect and a popup to select the server. Currently using the application, the users can connect to the servers in four countries namely United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada. The availability of diverse server location is limited.

As a note, the developers did mention to avoid peer-to-peer file sharing software's and downloading copyrighted material using the VPN.

Everything about the application is manual. The users have to connect to the VPN manually all the time. It doesn't auto connect at the startup. If the connection stays idle, the VPN is disconnected automatically and the users have to reconnect it manually.

Connecting manually and auto disconnects aren't something VPN users like including me. But, if you're starting out or your usage is limited to browsing restricted content then you can check this app.

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