Mr Phone - Find The Next Best Phone You Want To Buy

Want to buy a phone and not sure which phone to choose? Mr Phone is a phone search application and is here to help you find the best phone. The application was built by acidandrage and is available in the Google Play Store with In-app purchases.

Mr Phone Android App Screenshots

Search for your device and detailed specs gets loaded along with the image. You can tap the image for more pics or save the phone specs to view later.

You can compare specs of any two phones or choose to use the Best Fit option. The Best Fit option of the app will show you the list of best-matched phones based on the preferred specs you've selected.

Sections like New Releases and Popular shows the newly released phones and the phones that became most popular recently. While Stories section gives you to the Top Stories about smartphones, apps, and the Events section notifies you about the launch events of the smartphones.

Great Day Readers! To give us more insights into the application development, Ashish Hooda, Head of the Product Development responded with the answers. Here are the Q&A exclusive to our readers.

1. Tell us about the team?

We are two members : Ashish Hooda : B.Tech [ECE], Product development head and Avtar Singh : BCA, Android Developer.

We have been friends since six years and focused on finding the best possible solution which can impact many.

2. What was your inspiration that leads to the creation of this app?

There was a guy "Leo" who is very enthusiastic to buy a smartphone on his birthday from his savings. He asked his brother and he told to buy XYZ model. Then he asked his friends and received a number of suggestions. He shortlisted a model considering various factors he researched locally and went to a store.

The shopkeeper told him various offers and left him puzzled again. His birthday was over and sadly smartphone of his choice was still not purchased.

There are many people across the globe who got puzzled and spend so much time on buying a smartphone.

So we want to make a platform where the user can easily choose the best fit with the simplest User interface and can understand the product before buying it.

3. What was the biggest challenge faced while developing the app?

We want to make the product as simple as possible and to make it simpler than any other platform it was very hard and now it is even harder to meet the demands of users.

We are not generating any revenue yet,So it is very hard to hire new people also.

4. What features can be expected in the upcoming updates?
In the upcoming update, we will be bringing more features that can ease the process of purchasing a smartphone and will revolutionize the way how people buy a smartphone.

5. Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?
It's just a start of our small venture "Mr Phone". It's been just 3 months and we reached "50,000" downloads.

We want to thank all the users for showing such a great love for "Mr Phone".

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