Smigin - An Easy Way To Speak Foreign Languages

Smigin is a language learning application available in the Google Play Store and it is the easiest, fastest way to speak other languages. The app is offered by Smigin for Free and with In-app purchases.

Smigin is easy to use. Select the language that you are interested in learning and build your phrase in three steps. The language speaking app will display the translation and help you with the pronunciation. Save your most used phrases in your favorites.

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Commonly used conversations in the cafe, bar, shopping, transport, business, emergency and other places are included in the app. Simply build your phrase to start the conversation and don't worry about the grammar or spend time to learn from the start.

Currently, Simigin supports Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Haitian Creole and more languages will be added in the future updates.

Great Day Readers! To give more insights into the application, Dyllon Young at Smigin responded with the answers. Dyllon Young is the head of the head of UX, Content Development. Here are the Q&A exclusively for our readers.

1. Tell us about the team?

Susan O'Brien is the founder of Smigin. Susan speaks six languages and has fifteen years experience in international sales, marketing, and business development.

Nick Law is the Creative lead at Smigin. He is Global Chief Creative Officer at R/GA and has meticulously designed the Smigin User Experience.

Dyllon Young is head of UX/UI/Content Development at Smigin. Dyllon leads the development of all mobile products across UX/UI and content management to deliver multiple languages to the app.

2. What was your inspiration that leads to the creation of Smigin?

Founder Susan O'Brien lived and worked in seven different countries. While she was living in Portugal, she tried to learn Portuguese but found that all the self-taught products focused on stuff she didn't need to know. The traditional approach to language learning focused heavily on grammar and structure and while she was learning words and verb tenses, she still wasn't able to have a real conversation with anyone. Instead of learning 'the boy is under the ball' it would have been a lot more useful to learn stuff like 'Can I have a coffee please' or 'I'd like to order a bottle of wine' - real life language!

3. What was the biggest challenge faced while developing Smigin?

At Smigin, we really value user experience and user interface (design). As such, one of our biggest challenges is making sure our interface and experience caters to every language in a way that is intuitive and user-friendly. When we add a new language to Smigin, we unlock the ability for any user who speaks that language to access every other language previously available on the Smigin Travel platform. We work closely with native speakers to assure that every step of the phrase building process is authentic and seamless.

Aside from that, we hold a promise to our users that Smigin Travel will work without Wi-Fi or cellular signal, which makes using the app during their travels hassle-free. Due to every language being available offline, size is always a challenge. Through troubleshooting and trial and error, we’ve found multiple solutions that ensure we can keep Smigin at a small size so that users can build every phrase on-the-go as promised.

4. What features can be expected in the upcoming updates?

One of our most exciting updates for 2016 will be the introduction of several Asian languages to Smigin Travel. This will not only allow our international user base to speak more languages on their travels to various Asian countries, but also allow us to welcome users from countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and more.

After lots of user feedback, we’re also curating several new Sections to prepare users for even more situations and locations on their trips and build thousands of more phrases.

5. Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

Ditch the clunky phrasebooks - it's time to start speaking another language the right way!
Get it on Google Play
(This blog post is sponsored by Smigin)

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