Newton (Previously Cloud Magic) Android App Interview

Newton is a subscription based email service which includes extensive features like Read Receipts, Send Later, Sender Profiles, Connected apps and more. The application is offered by Cloud Magic and is available for 14-day free trial in the Google Play Store.

The Newton app was previously known as Cloud Magic. I'm sure a lot of you have used the Cloud Magic app in the past and some of you are still using it as your email client.

If you are not currently using the service or haven't tried earlier, it's time to explore the app as the updated version has added impressive features.

You can add Gmail, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Google Apps and all IMAP accounts to start your journey.

Newton tracks the emails you've sent and notifies when someone reads it and also when someone doesn't respond to your email. You can also remotely wipes the emails in case your device gets stolen.

The sender profiles give a better understanding about the user that has sent you the email. Tap on the sender picture to know more about their job, the organisation they are working for and their social profiles. You can also flip the card to learn more about their organisation.

You can snooze the emails just like the Google's inbox app. In addition to that, you can also schedule the emails to send later or undo the sending if you've sent it by mistake.


You can customize swiping the emails left and right, short and long for most used actions like Delete, Mark as Read, Archive ... You can also connect to a cloud service to save all your emails.

Those are just a few features that I've discussed and you'll find more once you start exploring.

A 14-day trial is too long to fall in love with the service. It has all the features you expect an email client to have, where with other clients, to have similar features you have to rely on extensions.

Great Day Reader! To give insights into the application development, Vinit Joshi, Marketing at Cloud Magic responded with answers. Here are the Q&A exclusive for our readers.

1. What was your inspiration that leads to the creation of the Newton App (CloudMagic)?

When we first launched CloudMagic 3 years ago, our mission was to modernize the user experience for work email. We wanted CloudMagic to be a reliable service into which you plug in your email account, which then gets supercharged with powerful features. We believed in the power of email as an open communication protocol and that it could be made better and more relevant, not just for today but also for the future.

2 Why was the decision made to change the name and What are the changes happened to Newton App which makes it exceptionally great compared to CloudMagic?

We always wanted to be ‘modern, geeky, fun, friendly and smart’ without losing our trademark CloudMagic qualities - simple, reliable and fast. Plus, since this is more or less a new start, we thought this would be a good time to come up with a new brand identity. That’s how we zeroed in on 'Newton', which we believe captures everything we want our product to represent.

Newton comes loaded with powerful features like Read Receipts, Send Later, Undo Send, Snooze, Sender Profile, Connected Apps (previously Cards), which were not present in CloudMagic

3. What features can be expected in the upcoming updates?

More essential and power features to add to the existing features (link tracking, per-recipient tracking), iOS/Mac Calendar, Windows app etc

4. Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

To know more about the Cloud Magic and their transition to Newton. Check out their official blog post.

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